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Amrita Aromatherapy Company Review

Amrita Aromatherapy – Naturally the Purest. They stand up to their word. I will bring you reviews of the best companies to purchase your essential oils from. Should you find a company and want an honest review from me – drop me a comment and I will certainly find everything out about the company I can find and give you an honest review.

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30 Years and Counting In the Aromatherapy Business

In 2019 Amrita Aromatherapy marked year number 30 in the business of 100 percent Pure Essential Oils. They maintain their commitment to Purity and Quality while remaining an Authority in Aromatherapy! They offer the largest supply of Organic Essential Oils found in the United States. They can do this by working closely with the best growers and distillers worldwide.

A Brief History of Amrita Aromatherapy

Founded by Dr. Christoph Streicher, Amrita is a trustworthy source of aromatherapy products. Created to serve a market where most essential oils were either not pure or had some other quality problems.

Amrita became the first essential oil company in the United States to be certified, as a company, to carry certified organic essential oils. Amrita has always worked with organic farmers.

Being labeled naturally the purest, Amrita Aromatherapy uses Gas Chromatography to test the purity of its essential oils. In 1998, Dr. Sreicher along with Dr. Lilli Botchis, intentionally acclaimed herbalist, created the unique TriEssence Power Blends. These blends consist of unique therapeutic formulas combining the therapeutic effects of essences, herbs and essential oils.

A quote from the site:

“Pure essential oils bring the breath of nature into our homes. They contain the concentrated intelligence of plant life that are perfectly suited to create balance in the human body, mind, emotion and spirit.”

Some Products Amrita carries


  • 468-80-amrita-products
  • Synergy Blends
  • Sample Packs
  • Roll Ons
  • Tri – Essence Power Blends
  • Skin Care
  • Facial Toners
  • Facial Creams
  • Facial Serums
  • Facial Masks
  • Body Oils
  • Carrier Oils
  • Deodorants
  • Diffusers
  • Books

As you can see there is something for everyone sold at Amrita Aromatherapy. They have Sales, and Clearance Items – Great items for you to save a bundle on!

In Conclusion

All of their prices are Very Reasonable – You get great oils and Essential Oil products that are 100% Pure, and are offered at a price that everyone can afford. I really adore this company and I believe you cannot go wrong purchasing your Essential Oil needs from them.

You get 100% pure and organic Essential Oils

On their site you will find

  • How to apply your Essential Oils
  • How to Blend Essential Oils
  • Safety Precautions
  • Essential Oil Uses Chart
  • Learn Why Organic is Important
  • What to look for
  • What to avoid
  • Free Shipping over $50.00 – This is really a great feature!

You can find their products on my SHOP PAGE and also by clicking on any of the links in this article.

I will continue to write about other great companies. Companies that offer Pure Essential Oils – Check back often and bookmark all the companies I suggest on my blog. You can’t go wrong. Thank You for reading and Enjoy Each Day.




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  1. Which is your favorite essential oil for Aromatherapy? The Lilacs are blooming in our yard now, and I love the scent that they bring into the house. By using essential oils, one can enjoy the smells of nature all year long. I read somewhere that the aroma of roses helps with healing. Thanks for sharing this great selection of essential oils.

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Hello Sharon,  I cannot pick a favorite! LOL  I put in Lemongrass and fall in love with it, then later I try a mixture of peppermint and lavender – that is luscious – there are just so many I enjoy.  I enjoy the scent of Tea Tree when I diffuse that because I know it is so healthy for keeping germs away.  I just cannot get enough of my oils.  Thank You for commenting.  


  2. I like aromatherapy, especially a few drops of lavender on my pillow to sleep or some orange and/or lemon for a mood boost but I love this company, Amrita, that you recommend!  Skincare? Roll-ons? Deodorants?  Seriously?  I’ve never heard of a company that uses essential oils in these kinds of products. I LOVE IT!!!!  I’ll definitely be making an order soon!

    1. Connie Varricchio

      I am so happy that you found the article uplifting and that you will soon be ordering.  Enjoy and Take Care!  Drop back and let us know what you ordered and how you liked the product.  🙂

  3. Hi and thanks for sharing this. It is great to see that this company is still going strong. My wife from my first marriage used essential oils from Amrita. I remember in particular lemon, sandalwood, and juniper. This thought brings me to my question. I seem to remember our experiences of mixing oils were a bit haphazard and sometimes combinations work and sometimes oils work against each other. Are there any broad guidelines on how and how not to mix essential oils to ensure they act in concert and enhance their respective effects rather than fight against each other? Thanks, Andy

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Great Question – I will soon write an article on this topic.  Basic rule to follow is – You have three basic types of oils – Top Notes, Middle Notes and Base Notes.  It is great to create blends using a combination of the three notes.  A top not gives you that immediate gratification – the aroma. The middle note will bind the top and base notes together and “harmonize” the blend.  The Base note will be your earthy tone – Base notes will ground your blend and make the scent and value last longer.  There is a basic 30-50-20 rule – 30% Top Note, 50% middle note, 20% Base Note.  There are always exceptions and variations but this I found is a nice place to start.  Hope this helps and I will write a full article on it soon.  Enjoy Your Day.


  4. I like that these essential oils are massaged on certain parts of our body to treat specific problems, stimulate microcirculation and facilitate water loss (cellulite, heavy legs). And that they can even be applied over the entire silhouette to improve skin elasticity and firmness. But I have a question, how do I know the purity of essential oils?

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Good Morning.  Thank You for your question.  I know the purity of the Essential Oils that I promote on this site because the company that I purchase from has done third party testing.  Which is – the company sends the oils out to a third party to test for them so that no one can say the tests were altered or faked.  When I order from them I can request a copy of the test results and they will gladly give them.  I also read a lot of reviews on the company Plant Therapy and the reviews are amazing.  Everyone loves their oils.  They have been around for over 30 years and still going strong.  Says a lot.  Thank You again for your interest and enjoy your day.


  5. Antarctic Adventures

    i absolute love essential oils, so naturally I’m happy to have found this post on 100 pure essential oils! Thanks for reviewing this company and their oils. I am always on the lookout for new oils to try and I’ll definitely put this on my list to try next. Thanks for this detailed post!

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Thank You for your comment.  Happy to have helped 🙂 

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