Essential Oil Display Rack

So now you have all these wonderful Essential Oils. First there are only a couple on your counter top. Then you are out wandering around your favorite shops and you find a few more oils you haven’t tried. Next week a few more. Oh Yes, you can easily end up with quite a few of these pretty little bottles all over the place! Here are a few ideas for you to store all of your precious Essential Oils.

Beautiful Essential Oil Metal Tree Rack

Essential Oil Tree Shelf Decor

  • 5 Tier Display Rack
  • Beautifully Displayed
  • All Your Oils Organized
  • Convenient
  • Can be hung anywhere
  • Size 23.62″ L x 2.25″ W x 23.62″ H
  • Bird and Tree Silhouette
  • Sturdy High Quality Metal Black Finish

Easy to Install Essential Oil Shelf Wall Mount

You will find this very easy to install. There are only 3 screws to put in the wall and that is it. Took me less than 10 minutes to put up.

I am completely happy with this rack. It is gorgeous on my wall, it is lightweight, it is nicely constructed. I really love it and wouldn’t want to be without it. Now my oils are all in one place and I am truly happy.

Beautiful Way to Display Essential Oils

This shelf looks so good – I have a country home and this fits right in. It looks like wrought iron – it is not, but it resembles it and goes with anything as it is black. Even if I lived in a mansion in the city – this would look good. The design, a bird and a tree with leaves fits into any decor and it spans any age group.

Organizing Essential Oils

Not only is this shelf beautiful – It keeps all your oils organized and convenient. No more bottles falling over in a drawer, or sitting on a counter and getting pushed around. You can put them in alphabetical order or you can put your favorite oils on the bottom shelf for easy access and the less common ones higher up. Whatever you decide is perfect. This is so versatile you can set it up anyway you want. Also, if you have room left over you can store your nail polish on it also, or perfume bottles. Come up with your own ideas.

Size and Construction

This shelf is 23.62 inches across, it is 23.62 inches tall and it is 2.25 inches wide. There is a bar that goes across the front of the bottles to hold them in place and stop them from falling to the floor. It is made out of high quality metal, 5 shelves of varied lengths and is very sturdy.

Free up your drawer

Safe keeping your oils up on a wall, out of harm’s way and freeing up your drawers – what can be better than that? My husband doesn’t mind my oils – in fact he likes them quite well – what the both of us didn’t like is that they were all over the house. It was worth the small price to get all my oils all in one place. I can even put two oils front to back. So if I have two Lavender Essential Oils – I can put one in front and one behind it. Always have a back up on hand and still no clutter in the house. Gotta Love It.

In Conclusion

I guess you know by now – I am a fan and I think you will be too. Feel free to click on the links in this post – they will take you right to the page in Amazon you can purchase the Essential Oil Display Rack. This is an affiliate link so I will get a small incentive payment from Amazon, this will affect your price in no way at all. It does help me out to continue to write here and bring you all these great items. I truly appreciate the support I get from all my readers. I did you a huge favor because I found this on a few different sites and the prices were higher. This was the best deal around. You are welcome.

Essential Oil Shelf for a Gift

Would this be great for a gift. I would say it is. Give this rack and maybe start out someone with 5 favorite essential oils and there will be one more person that has joined our family of people that are crazy over oils.

Another Similar Item

As I was researching this item. I did find one that was similar – yet it was a two piece unit. I like this one as it is one piece and very easy to put up. I do not know what the advantage to having this in two pieces would be. One piece unit means no seams to worry about and the design flows nicely. Take Care Everyone and when you buy yours – please stop back in and let me know how you liked it. Thank You in advance.


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  1. Essential oils can be stored in various ways, and to display them on a storage shelf looks pretty and you can see at a glance which oils you might need. I guess the display shelf can also be used to store spice and herb bottles. 

    Do you know how far the little shelves are apart? It looks as if each shelf is 2.25″ deep, but what is the maximum height of the bottles that it can accommodate?

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Yes, this is a beautiful shelf and the shelves are 4″ apart.  I would agree, you could use it for spice and herb bottles.  Anything you would like to put on it that is small like nail polish, essential oils, spices, perfumes, medicine.  So many uses for this shelf.  Thank You for your question.  Enjoy your day. 


  2. Wow, what a beautiful way to proudly display and organize the essential oil collection. This would be a huge upgrade from the unsightly storage boxes that are put away and out of sight! It looks like it’s a good size for other small products as well like nail polishes and skin care creams. Thanks for sharing this decorative solution to a common storage problem!

    1. Connie Varricchio

      You are very welcome and I absolutely love mine!  I couldn’t wait to come in here and share my Essential Oils Storage Idea.  you can buy one here.

  3. Thank you for sharing all these amazing essential oil storage! I have a lot of them and now it is time that I find home for them. I love the fact that this one is the wall mount so I will not waste the counter space and it will be perfect for my wall and easily access to it. I am going to check it out right now. 

    1. Connie Varricchio

      You are very welcome and please stop back in and let us all know what you think of the Essential Oil Shelf once you get it.  Take Care.  

  4. This item to store my essential oils would look gorgeous in my bathroom! I have so many essential oils, that they are all over the place right now and this would give a way better oversight than just storing them everywhere in a wardrobe. And the plus is that it looks really pretty! Do I need to store the oils in a bit darker place though, I mean not in straight sunlight, right? Or does that not have an effect on the oils? Thanks!

    1. Connie Varricchio

      I am so happy you loved the shelf.  I put it up in my bathroom and I love it.  It is best to keep your oils out of the sun.  I would actually say You NEED to keep your oils out of the sun. Doesn’t have to be completely dark like in a cupboard or closet as the dark bottles the oils are in do a good job of keeping the light out.  Keeping the oils from breaking down.  Stop back in and let us know how you liked the shelf.  Take Care. 

  5. Thanks for reviewing this essential oil shelf. I really love the idea to place all my essential oils on a specialty shelf, and the background motive is quite fresh. I like the tree background 🙂 I have a small question, though. Is it possible to place other things besides essential oils there? I want to place my other skincare in this shelf too. Thanks

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Yes, You can put anything on it that will fit.  I have my Essential Oils, Nail Polish, and perfume bottles on mine. Enjoy.


  6. Thanks for this wonderful and great information on the essential oil storage ideas post. I don’t even know that essential oil can be store in various ways. This is my first time hearing it and the idea of the shelf is a very wonderful idea, if not I will be hiding them inside the cupboard and boxes. But now let me go and display them very well on that shelf. 

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Yes, I love to display my Essential Oils and even my nail polishes and perfume.  Such a nice addition to my home.  Take Care


  7. Connie,

    I have such a small apartment and a tiny bathroom , that if I find any kind of storage that is up off the floor and utilizing the otherwise bank wall, I love it. And you’re right, it can also be used for a number of small items that usually get relegated to a vanity drawer. I’m not really much of an essential oil person, but I do seem to collect nail polish and I can see that lovely little shelf on a wall holding every color in the rainbow of polish. What a great idea.


    1. Connie Varricchio

      Thank You for your comment and I hope you enjoy your shelf.  Take Care 


  8. Thanks for sharing this!  It’s a really lovely way to display my essential oils, while keeping them out of reach of youngsters and pets.  I wouldn’t have thought of using a wall mounted display as I thought the light might degrade the contents of the bottle over a period of time so i’ve always been told to store them in a dark place….What are your thoughts on that?

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for a similar item here in the UK 🙂

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Hello,  Great point about keeping the Essential Oils out of the sunlight.  Where I have them on my wall is out of direct sunlight.  You can use the rack for Nail Polish, Essential Oils, any little bottled items, such as perfume also.  The Essential Oils are in dark bottles and out of direct light so all should be okay with them.  I have had no trouble.  Much better than having them tip over in my cupboard or lay around on my dresser to get lost.  🙂  Thank You for your comment.  Stop by again soon. 


  9. Yes, I see you’re afan. And so am I. Thank you for finding the best deal for us. I had also seen these essential oil display racks more expensive in another place. So I would even tip you fit would be possible on amazon. I really would like to buy them using your affiliate link.

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Hello and feel free to buy them through my Amazon link.  You will love it.  That is exactly where I got mine.  It’s gorgeous!


  10. While I may not be an expert on essential oils,
    I do know someone that takes a particular interest
    on keeping their collection of essential oils in order,
    I could definitely see this as a great inspiration
    on how to get started on keeping order on everything.

    Good job on your review, and it did 
    make me curious as to how women
    are so attentive to detail and to be honest,
    it does look pretty amazing to have such a thing
    on the wall. 

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Thank You Leon for all the compliments.  

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