Essential Oils and Their Uses

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Have you ever started looking up Essential Oils? Ever wonder which oil is best for which purpose? Ever think to yourself “I really want to use an Essential Oil for (whatever ailment you are looking to remedy) only to find one you just do NOT like the scent of – and wonder – Is there another one that would do the same thing that I might actually like better?

At the end of this post you will find a PDF to download – FREE – that will assist you with your Essential Oil Journey. It is not 100 percent the only oils and only choices, yet I believe you will find a ton of information and I plan to update this periodically so you may want to bookmark this article and check back and download a newer version at a later time.

Healing with Essential Oils

Essential oils are the oils that are found naturally in the parts of certain plants. The stems, the leaves, the flowers can all contain oils that can be used to heal. These plants which yield essential oils are also used in medical herbalism. The oil from the plant can have different therapeutic qualities vs using the same plant as a tincture, by preparing the leaves in a tea, cooking in food, or grinding up in a capsule. Plants are amazing and give us so much in so many ways and all the ways compliment each other. I have found along the way that I use plants in many ways to heal and to comfort. Healing with Essential Oils is only one way plants assist us and I must admit, my favorite way. I so enjoy a cup of tea along with my Essential Oils diffusing into the room. I bet you are envisioning me sitting back in a recliner, bath robe on and towel around my hair, with a cup of tea and a diffuser steaming away at my side. You would probably be pretty close to my “happy place”, Take a look at the PDF I have offered here at the bottom of this post and I will even put in a second PDF that I created a year or so ago. The second one is Herbs that Heal. I hope you enjoy them both. Remember, they are not to replace your doctor. I am not a professional health care worker. I am just a lady that enjoys natural living and I enjoy passing on what I have found to others. Anything here is for reference only. And of course, to Enjoy.

Example of Entire Plant vs Essential Oil

Let’s take a look at Peppermint. I will use Peppermint because most of us are familiar with the smell, the taste, the uses. The Peppermint Essential Oil is best suited for treating respiratory conditions when inhaled because peppermint is an antispasmodic oil and it also has antiseptic qualities. It can open your airways and make breathing easier for a while after it is inhaled. Peppermint is also great for digestive disorders yet that is best served by using the leaves and stem of the plant and taking it orally either in a tea or tincture. Each way you use a plant – either an oil or another way – It is important to make sure what you are using is prepared properly. Stay with a company you can trust or you may even create it yourself after you do enough research to create the product correctly. Essential Oils can be very helpful and in turn – if used incorrectly can be very harmful. They are very potent and are not to be used as a toy.

Can Essential Oils Be Taken Internally

It is best to use Essential Oils externally only. Essential Oils are extremely concentrated and they have the potential to damage mucous membranes and stomach linings when consumed internally. You will read online that some Essential Oils are safe to consume internally – and this may be true. Let’s take another look at Peppermint. A large amount of the population love to eat peppermint flavored treats. These treats will only have a few drops of peppermint in them to create the wonderful taste we all love. The United Library of Medicine National Institute of Health has a report online that I read that told of a person that ingested a large amount of peppermint oil came into an ER in a comatose state. She was revived after 24 hours luckily for her. They did not know how much she ingested but they could smell the peppermint oil as it secreted from her body through perspiration and breath. Most of the time too much peppermint oil will only create Heartburn, Nausea, Diarrhea, vomiting. Yuck – Who wants that???

Please make sure you know what you are doing before taking oils internally. Some oils can kill a person with only a few drops ingested.

Essential Oils Safety Precautions

Since we know now that Essential Oils are very concentrated and need to be used with respect here are some precautions to think of before trying a new oil. Oils can cause skin irritation, can be toxic, can damage mucous membranes, damage stomach lining and even cause photo toxicity – which means can make our skin more sensitive to sunlight.

The best and most favored practice is to put a few drops of your oil of choice in a Carrier Oil – this can be whatever you like. Some choices are Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil. Carrier Oils do not evaporate and it is best to choose an oil without an odor so that it does not change the aroma of the Essential Oil you are using. A carrier oil will help to dilute the essential oil so you can use it without skin and mucous membrane irritation.

Always look up information about the specific oil you would like to try – Check for

  • side effects if taken with any medication you may be taking
  • reported side effects in general
  • should the oil be used if you have high blood pressure
  • should the oil be used if pregnant, breastfeeding or if you are trying to become pregnant
  • is it safe for infants and children
  • is it safe around my animals

Healing with Essential Oils

Please do not read this article and decide that Essential Oils are too dangerous to try. Millions of us use them every day. Driving cars is dangerous too yet many of us drive every day. Download the PDF and use that to start your Essential Oil Journey. Mix a few drops of a new oil with a carrier oil and try it out on your skin in a small area to see how your skin will react if you have any concerns. Read about any side effects it may have and what external doses are best. Always use a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil along with your Essential Oil Concentrate. Check to see if it is safe while pregnant, breastfeeding or wanting to become pregnant. If pets are a concern, check out if the oil is safe around pets – or keep your pets out of the room while diffusing oils in the air.

Feel free to enjoy all the wonderful scents and healing properties that nature has to offer us.

Here are the PDFs I promised.

Essential Oils and Their Uses

Herbs and the Ailments they Serve

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