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My Natural Living Story

Hello, My name is Connie. I grew up on a small farm in Upstate NY. We didn’t have any cows or pigs but we did have chickens, horses, dogs, cats and the occasional bob cat, raccoon, possum, coyote, coy dog, turtles, fish, deer, owls, woodchucks, skunks, fox, numerous birds…. so many wild animals wandering around – even time to time a Bear! (very rare).

I was fortunate to grow up this way – We had a garden and we foraged for berries for pies and jellies – so yummy thanks to my Grandma and all her baking and preserves. All Grandpa and Grandma had to say was “kids – if you pick some berries – we’ll make you jelly” – We were all hands on – Grandpa would pile us all in the car and off we would go. Grandma used to have to hide the jellies she made for us and only hand it out a little at a time for fear we would eat it all up right away – and she was right, we would have. LOL


I remember being at my Aunt’s apartment in town one day when I was about 7. We went to the grocery store (first time for me that I could remember) and I was laughing.  I asked my aunt….. Why do people pay money for potatoes and carrots and peas and tomatoes etc….. you can get it for free out of the ground!  I didn’t understand that some people didn’t have a garden. And why did people get meat from a store when all we had to do was go to grandpa’s freezer and get what the guys in the family had either got from the butcher or hunted and fished for? Needless to say, I didn’t get off the farm much back then.

Growing up that way was such a blessing I realize now that I am 56 years old with a child and grandchildren of my own. I got away from the natural living for quite a few years and one day realized why I was not content – I needed my country back. I needed to do things myself, create my own things, actually start living life again instead of picking my life up at a store. Not that there is anything wrong with that – It’s just for me not what soothes my soul.

Back Where I Belong

I started to research natural living and natural products. How to make cleaning products naturally and natural makeup. Creating my own medicines and tinctures – learning and taking from nature. I started to feel more content and peaceful and my life started to be more meaningful for me. I started to feel better – have more energy – I felt happier.

Make or Purchase Natural Products

Whatever would make you happiest. You can either create your own Natural Products or you can Purchase Ready Made Natural Products. Some of us do not have the amount of time needed at this point in our lives to do it all ourselves. Fortunately, through Varrs Creative Endeavors – You can find great Natural Products to purchase and enjoy All In One Place. No searching all over the internet – going from site to site – which one is good? which one is bad? Everything is here for you.

When you do have a little extra time or just want to play around for an afternoon – check out the “How to Create Natural Products” various posts on this site. Look around and enjoy!

The Goal of Varrs Creative Endeavors

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Varrs Creative Endeavors’ Goal is to help you to have as many natural products in your life as you would like to have. To help you find a great resource to either purchase them or create Natural Products yourself. Also, my goal is to continue to learn and grow myself through all of you. Bring your ideas and hopefully I will be able to publish them here for everyone to benefit from. Never hesitate to contact me. I enjoy each moment of this Endeavor.

All the best,



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