So many folks suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. Far more than I ever imagined – I know quite a few myself. Made me wonder????

Are There Essential Oils & Natural Supplements for Parkinson’s Disease?

From what I have read – Unfortunately, at this time, there seems to be no Cure for Parkinson’s Disease. There are, however, some supplements that can help to relieve the symptoms Parkinson Disease brings to those inflicted with it.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative condition. It causes reduced facial expressions and tremors. The tremors take their toll on muscles making them stiff and rigid and sore. Parkinson’s causes normal everyday tasks to become difficult. Even walking and balance become increasingly difficult as the disease progresses.

The Answer is Yes – There are Natural Supplements That Help

There are a few Natural Supplements that can help to alleviate some symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.  Natural Supplements

  • Co enzyme 10 can help our cells to obtain energy from oxygen.
  • Creatin increases levels of phosphocreatine, Phosphocreatine is an energy source for muscles and the brain. Creatin may slow down the progression of Parkinson’s Disease since it helps to protect us from nerve cell injuries. Also, it has been found that taking vitamin C and vitamin E together helped to slow down the need to take other medications – at least for a while.
  • Vitamin C & E Taken Together Some people that suffer from Parkinson’s, will try this Vitamin C and Vitamin E Supplement regimen at the early stages of the disease.
  • Curcumin is the spice that is in Turmeric – Curcumin has been known to help to protect nerve cells from damage.
  • Glutathione affects nerve cell metabolism – Glutathione seems to be depleted in the part of the brain that is damaged by Parkinson’s. Adding Glutathione might be a way to slow the progression of the disease.
  • Herbal Remedies that will assist with depression, sleep disorders and anxiety could be a big help to alleviate some symptoms of Parkinson’s.

If we cannot slow down nor cure the disease, we should hopefully be able to live the best way we can while coping with the symptoms.

Essential Oils Parkinson Disease

Are there Essential Oils that can help with Parkinson Disease? Let’s take a look at that for a bit.  Essential Oils for Parkinson's Disease

Essential Oils are oils that are derived from plants – numerous plants from all over the world. Plant Oils have a direct effect us humans. I strongly believe in the power of our senses and I often use Essential Oils to enhance my senses and get me through my day. Those with Parkinson’s Disease could benefit from certain Essential Oils that could bring about feelings of tranquility and peacefulness. To calm the nerves and let go of the days’ struggles. Time to relax those nerves and muscles. Here are a few that I have found that could just do the trick. You can find High Quality – 100% Essential Oils at Simply Natural.

  • Lemongrass – Alleviates Stressful Feelings, unwinds the body, quiets excessive thinking
  • Sweet Orange – Soothes Emotion and Stress. Uplifts the mood
  • Rosemary -Uplift Mood and Reduce Stress
  • Peppermint – Increase Alertness – Enhance Mental Clarity – Uplifts the Mood
  • Eucalyptus – Improve Concentration, Soothe Exhaustion – Blend it with a Carrier Oil and Massage Sore Muscles also
  • Lime – Improves Emotional Well Being
  • Frankincense – Fights Fatigue and Quiets and Focuses the Mind – One of my absolute favorites for sure.
  • Grapefruit – Tackles Depression and Tension
  • Lavender – Calms, Soothes, Calms Headaches, Comforts Aching Joints & Muscles, Brings about Positive and Calming Energy

There are literally hundreds of Essential Oils and Oil Combinations. There may be times when someone with Parkinson wants to feel energetic and doesn’t want to be relaxed – There are oils that can assist with that as well. Take a look at Simply Natural – High Quality PURE  Essential Oils for yourself and your loved ones. These won’t even “Break the Bank”. High Quality, PURE and a Great Price. I can promote them with confidence as this is where I get all of my Essential Oils.  Love this company.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease at this time. Let’s pray for a cure very soon. 

As you have read in this article, there are Natural Supplements and Essential Oils that can make life as easy as possible. Not only for the person suffering from the illness but also for everyone that cares for them.

I am not a doctor – I do however known people that have Parkinson’s and it compelled me to write this article so that they can find some peace of mind and have a place to refer back to when wondering if there is something to try to help ourselves through our lives’ journeys.

This article is only meant to give you some ideas and to let you known you are not alone. I spent a lot of time looking around the internet to bring this information to one place – to save you time and energy. Always consult your doctor and before starting any natural supplements or essential oils – do a small test to make sure there are no adverse affects. Most of the time, when taken and used as directed – Natural Supplements, Herbs and Oils are well tolerated.

Best of Luck to you in your journey through life. Feel free to drop me a line – I enjoy helping people find a more natural way to live and it can be very interesting – there is so much to learn as life is constantly changing. We never known what is around the corner. One thing for sure – someone else is going through the same thing and we are all in this together.

I hope I have given you some ideas to try and I truly wish you the best.


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  1. My husband was diagnosed of Parkinsons disease 2 years ago, when he was 59. He had a stooped posture, tremors, right arm does not move and also a pulsating feeling in his body. He was placed on Senemet for 8 months and then Siferol was introduced and replaced the Senemet, during this time span he was also diagnosed with dementia. He started having hallucinations, lost touch with reality. Suspecting it was the medication I took him off the Siferol (with the doctor’s knowledge) him on a natural herbs. He is now almost 61 and doing very well, the disease is totally reversed! Thanks to Nature

    1. Thank You for your story. Nature does wonders. We truly have everything we need provided to us. Enjoy your day.

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