Plant Therapy Kid Safe Oils

Plant Therapy    Plant Therapy Kid Safe Oils

Essential Oils – Actually I cannot say enough good about this company. They perform 3rd Party Testing of their oils. You can find the report on their website so you know exactly what is in their oils. They have a wonderful blog with a ton of information and it is written in plain terms and is fun to read. Their pricing is very reasonable. You can find YouTube videos where they describe their process, their products and they have fun.

Plant Therapy Certifications:

Plant Therapy has implemented and earned these certifications. Seems they are covering all the bases.

  • USDA Organic Certification – Free from GMO’s and Harmful Pesticides
  • Third-Party Testing – GC-MS reports Available on Website – Know Exactly what is in their oils
  • GMP Certification – Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices – Meets the Highest Manufacturing Practices
  • Leaping Bunny – No animal testing – Cruelty Free ingredients
  • EPA Green Power Partner – Renewable Energy Participant

Plant Therapy Products

Plant Therapy has a large selection of products to choose from. There is a lot of information on the site to help you choose the product(s) that are right for you.

  • Essential Oils – Singles, Blends, Kid Safe, Organic, Sets, Accessories
  • Body Care – Bath, Carrier Oils, Hydrosols, Hand Care, Face Care, Body Care Sets
  • Household – Cleaners, Home Scents, Diffusers, Laundry
  • CBD – Intense Relief, Rest Easy, Quiet Mind, Full Spectrum
  • Pup & Pony – Confident Canine, Happy Trails, Horse Whisperer, Show Ready, Paw Balm

Are Their Products Safe

Yes, They provide dilution guidelines and safety information when using with children, pets, new to be moms, nursing mothers.


They have helpful charts, PDFs on how to create blends, PDFs on how to use the oils and have fun with them. What good are they if you don’t know how to use them? All can be found on their Downloads Page. Tons of Information in easy to read formats.


Plant Therapy offers Fair and Affordable pricing on all of their products. There are no middlemen to drive up the price. They have specials every month and some closeout deals.

Giving Heart

Plant Therapy has donated hundreds of products to numerous hospitals to help with the Covid crisis. They also created Planting Kindness – which is a philanthropy program that is committed to making the world a better place. They raised money for the Australian Wildfires and have joined forces with the African Heartwood Project

Plant Therapy Newsletter

They have a newsletter that you can sign up for that is free of charge with a lot of great useful information each month. Delivered right to your email.

In Conclusion

I have searched the internet for reviews on Plant Therapy Oils and the reviews are very positive. I did not find a bad review. If bad reviews are out there they are far and few between. I think you will enjoy doing business with Plant Therapy and I give them my full approval.

Thanks for reading


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  1. Thank you for sharing this article – Plant Therapy – Safety and Education. Essential Oils have several benefits such as relaxing, help us focus and even said to have health benefits. Love that Plant Therapy prices are affordable and was not tested on animals. People and animals may react differently to the same product 

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Thank You for the comment and the thought that people and animals can react differently to the same product – It is equally true that two different people can react different to the same product.  Each person should try a new Essential Oil on a small area of their skin before applying a large amount and equally should diffuse for only a few minutes and wait about a half hour to see if there is a reaction.  Most of the time Essential Oils are well received. 

  2. Essential oils have great health benefits, but it is important to get a brand that is honest about what you will find in each bottle. So it is great to see that Plant Therapy has been approved by the USDA for organic products, and also do independent third party testing. This will give reassurance to anybody that wants to use the essential oils from Plant Therapy. Thanks for a great review. 

    1. Connie Varricchio

      You are welcome – You are so correct – Quality in Essential Oils is the most important factor.  Plant Therapy sure does a wonderful job at Quality.  

  3. Thank you for reviewing Plant Therapy. I’ve been looking for a company that I can be certain isn’t experimenting on animals, so that’s great to know that they have the leaping bunny accreditation. My little boy is having a hard time sleeping and I notice that one of the essential oil blends is called “Sweet Dreams”. I’d like to give that a go. I couldn’t find a link to Plant Therapy on your page, but I think I’ve found them using Google. See ya!

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Hello and Thank You for your comments.  I would be interested to know your thoughts on Sweet Dreams when you try it.  I have heard from others that is works and they were pleased with the results.  Plant Therapy is where I purchase all my oils.  Take Care

  4. It’s good to know that Plant Therapy is safe for use. Especially as it offers products for kids as well. Thanks for doing the research. I have done some research too and found only positive comments and reviews. It’s also great to know that they are part of a charity and helping hospitals in Covid crisis. 

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Thank You for checking out Plant Therapy.  I really think they are a great company

  5. Hi Connie. Yes, I agree that when we search the internet for Plant Therapy Oils, the reviews are positive. I was surprised. And it has been in my radar for about two weeks. Thank you very much for your post. It has finally convinced me to give them a try. I seem to be quite difficult to convince, LOL. Two weeks and now is that I’m deciding.

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Hello,  Well Two Weeks isn’t too bad.  LOL.  There is so much out there it is often hard to know exactly who to go with. Dive in to Plant Therapy Essential Oils – I’ll be right there with you!  


  6. Thank you for introducing plant therapy to us. It looks from what I have read that it is a must check and consider. I am a lover of essential oils and I think I would love to start there. I would certainly be moving towards body care if happy with the oils, You have just put me on a self care mood.

    1. Connie Varricchio

      My post put you in a self care mood – What a Nice Compliment.  Thank You – I am happy to hear you love Essential Oils and Plant Therapy Essential Oils will not disappoint you.  Take Care.  

  7. Hello there! This is an informative post. I am a big fan of all remedies for all ailments, not just western medicine. I truly believe there are many forms of healing and I am sure there are even ones that have not yet been discovered. Plant therapy is one that I find really interesting because there are so many different types of plants out there that have healing properties. Your post contains a lot of details on it’s benefits. I will be looking more into this brand that you suggested. Thanks for this.

    1. Connie Varricchio

      You are welcome and please continue on your journey to discover many ways that Essential Oils can benefit your health and well being.  Take Care

  8. Hi! This is a great article you have shared – plant therapy. It caught my interest instantly. Essential oils have been found to possess many health benefits and I like the fact that they priced at affordable prices. However, products related to health need to be real and of high quality. This is the most important factor – safety. Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of writing with us, I will be sharing it further too.

    1. Connie Varricchio

      Thank You and Yes, Please do share http://www.VarrsCreativeEndeav… 

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